Contract linoleum floors – the natural alternative to vinyl

Linoleum is regaining popularity as an alternative to vinyl flooring for many applications. That’s because, unlike vinyl, it is made from natural materials including linseed oil, wood or cork powder, and ground stone. That means it is recyclable and can be made from partially recycled content. As a natural material, it does not give off toxic fumes in a fire, making it a good choice for schools, hospitals and offices.

Long-lasting, water-resistant contract linoleum floors

Linoleum is a robust, hard-wearing material, available in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit all tastes. Contract linoleum floors often come with warranties of up to 25 years. The water-resistant properties of linoleum make it an ideal choice for kitchens, washrooms, canteens and any high-traffic areas, where it can withstand significant wear and tear.

High-quality installation from York linoleum fitters

Linoleum is more challenging to fit than vinyl, which is where the expertise of Elvington Floorcraft’s linoleum fitters comes into its own. Our fully qualified fitters have the skills and experience to fit beautiful, natural linoleum flooring to the highest standard – on any scale.