Versatile contract carpet tiles fitted to your specifications

Carpet tiles are a smart, easy-to-fit floor covering, ideal for offices, schools, retail outlets and leisure venues.

Easy to fit, maintain and replace

The principle advantage of carpet tiles over conventional broadloom carpets is that they can easily be fitted around existing furniture. In a large office, for example, desks and cupboards can me moved around to allow carpet tiles to be laid, without having to empty the entire room and interrupt business as usual.

What’s more, when carpet tiles in high-traffic areas, such as building entrances, become worn or faded, they can easily be replaced with fresh new tiles, or swapped with tiles from less used parts of the room.

Carpet tiles an ideal choice for access floors

Carpet tiles are also recommended when flooring needs to be fitted on a raised access floor, with a void below for cables and pipes. If these services need to be maintained, carpet tiles can simply be lifted to allow access, and then seamlessly refitted.

Contract carpet tile fitting with minimal disruption

Elvington Floorcraft are experienced commercial carpet tile fitters, with the expertise to plan extensive tile fitting projects around your working schedules. We fit only premium-quality contract-rated carpet tiles from well-known manufacturers, such as Gradus, Interface Flor, Heckmondwike, Burmatex and Desso.